My first tale of surreal moments in Health class comes from an event in late 2000.

During a normal, run of the mill health class, our teacher was giving a regular description of some aspect of the human body, when suddenly, someone who had previously been lazily sitting with their head on their desk, sat bolt upright, and with great enthusiasm, vocalized the word, "Manwhore!"


The event that unfolded next was one of the strangest and most surreal events i have ever witnessed.


The room erupted into a cacophony of different people shouting "Manwhore!". I sit there, bewildered, and I admit i got caught up in the moment. One or two of the "manwhore" vocalizations originated from my larynx. But I digress.

The teacher quickly asked what a manwhore was, and after it was explained to her, we all returned to whatever task was originally at hand. No one ever spoke of this again.

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