This is/was an awsome external modem, made by the Supra Corporation. This model was originally designed as a 28.8 modem. Supra was later bought by Diamond.

New firmware revisions allowed the modem to reach 33.6 speeds. It was a good investment at the time.

The modem also came with an excellent manual which outlined all the AT commands.

This modem has 2 distinguishing features.

The case
The case is a simple rectagular slab, made from aluminum, with a brushed metal finish. It's just a really cool design. I have not seen an as good a design since.

The display
The coolest part of this modem is the display on the front. This small display indicates the current protocol being used and the dialup speed. As the modem re-negotiated dialup speed, the display would change to reflect the new speeds.

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