You wrote that the world doesn't need a saviour, but every day I hear people crying for one.
Superman, Superman Returns

Movie released in June 2006, directed by Bryan Singer and starring Brandon Routh, Kate Bosworth and Kevin Spacey.

Being old enough to remember seeing the Richard Donner film Superman when it was released in 1978, I was pleased to hear that director Bryan Singer was going to draw heavily from the original movie and the first sequel in the making of this new film. Singer decided to make his new film a continuation of the story line of the first two films, wisely ignoring the embarrassing Superman III with Richard Pryor and laughable Superman IV. And from the opening credits, fans of the original film will be pleasantly surprised with the touches and homages that the new film gives to that original work.

The film finds Superman (played by newcomer Brandon Routh) returning to Earth after a five year absence to find that people's lives have moved since he has been gone and that the world is a little darker place. Lois Lane (portrayed by Kate Bosworth) is now a mother and shacked up with Richard White (James Marsden), the nephew of Daily Planet editor Perry White (Frank Langella). She has even won the Pulitzer Prize for her editorial on why the world does not need Superman. Lex Luthor has been released from prison and is on his next great scheme to become a real estate billionaire using Kryptonian technology stolen from Superman's Fortress of Solitude even if it means the deaths of billions of people.

The film is enjoyable overall. I particularly enjoyed watching the homages to the original movie, which included Luthor's obsession with real estate and some lines lifted almost word for word from the original. Kevin Spacey does an excellent turn as Luthor, more menacing and hardened than Gene Hackman's portrayal in the original films but still enjoyable. Routh does a good job as both Superman and Clark Kent, giving a vulnerablity to the role that is needed.

The film is also being released in IMAX theaters with 20 minutes of the film having been converted into 3-D.

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