Whine whine whine. Portland Oregon's Willamette River has been targeted for "superfund"; the EPA's kick the fuck outta you clean up project. Why is everyone so worried? I'm not worried. The governor is worried because if he lets the EPA in, the big companies on the river won't be his friend any more and he will look like an ass to the voters because he didn't get it clean himself. The big companies on the river are all worried because they have to pay for the clean up and not the voters and tax payers :(

Poor big companies...put shit (real live shit, from the toilet, yum yum), arsenic, pesticides, herbicides, metals including lead and copper, dioxins, arsenic, chromium and petroleum related hydrocarbons in the river and wouldn't clean up after themselves and now they are very sad because they have to pay for the government to come in and do it for them.

The local news paper is making it out to be a bad thing. TV is making it out to be a bad thing. My question to them is, why is this a bad thing?

"You used to be able to swim in the river during the summer,
now you can't because of sewage over flows and poisons in the river,
now the federal government is coming in,
telling the governor to go eat a dick while they beat the ever-living shit out of those naughty companies that would rather pay the little fines when they get caught (never) and continue to just dump shit in your river.
The federal government is going to come clean it up,
but guess what, you don't have to pay for it; those big companies do. You get your clean river back for free.

And I am supposed to be upset about this? Someone please explain this to me.

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