A villain of the Legion of Super-Heroes.

A bizzare homage to Herman Melville, the Super-Moby Dick of Space was a green whale-like creature with wings instead of flippers. Equipped with sharp teeth and poisonous scales, the creature lurked the space lanes, attacking ships and eating them. Called upon by Dr. Lanphier, the Legion set out to stop the creature. Originally a small space dwelling creature, experiments by Dr. Lanphier cause the creature to grow to enormous size.

When Lightning Lad encountered the creature, he attacked it with his lightning powers. The attack was reflected back upon the Legionaire, but somehow the bolt had been poisoned and infected Lightning Lad's right arm. The arm was amputated by Dr. Lanphier and replace by a robotic one. The remaining Legion members finally captured the beast and returned it to its original size.

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