If you're a fan of one of the teams in the Superbowl, you watch the Superbowl to see your team win it all.

If you're a fan of football in general, you're watching the two best teams in a tournament vie for the championship.

If you're most people, you're there because it's a huge party, there's lots of food and booze, and of course, the advertisers go out of their way to produce the most memorable commercials they can.

Most of the time they succeed. Sometimes they fail. Domain name registration company GoDaddy was lambasted a few years ago for commercials that were racy, sexist and generally demeaning to women.

Superbowl 49 was notorious for a series of Nationwide commercials that featured dead children, something along the lines of "get insurance, because children die". It was morbid and made people wish for those annoying bits with Peyton Manning singing "Chicken parm, you taste so good" to their jingle.

And Superbowl 50 had some ads that got panned: there was an ad for opiate related constipation medication - as Bill Maher put it "now they're advertising pills to help junkies poop?" As opposed to realizing that if they're targeting the Superbowl with this ad it means there are WAY more people on opiate pain medication than we realize...

And some local ads got slaughtered. There was a vile ad in Omaha for a male clinic suggesting that there was a rash of women heading for the ER and doctor's wards with walkers and unable to sit comfortably because of severe vaginal trauma thanks to their ED treaments.

But the weirdest and least comfortable ad this year featured "Super Bowl Babies". Using Seal singing a variant of Kiss from a rose, choirs of different age children wearing the colors and logos of the team who won the Superbowl on the year of their birth sang along - the lyrics thanking their parents for, er, celebrating their team's victory to the degree they did.

The choirs ranged in age from 40somethings to very small children in Seahawks colors.

The text of the ads suggested that "the data suggests" there's a "noticeable" uptick in births in the city that won the Superbowl that year. If you really dig into it, the uptick is relatively minor and possibly statistical noise, but watch this be reiterated as fact. Also, the proximity of the Superbowl to Valentine's Day can't be ignored.

Now, this isn't to say that baby booms following sports wins aren't unheard of. Boston had one when the Red Sox finally won the pennant, and there have been instances of baby booms showing up as a result of wins: Spain sees them when their soccer teams do well, and New Zealand winning the rugby World Cup over France saw an uptick in births nine months later.

And we also know that testosterone surges in a man whose team has just won: and women are also fans of winning teams and tend to react in kind. The Reddit subreddit for the Denver Broncos had more than one submission of either breasts or in one case, a woman taking a photo series of herself masturbating while wearing Denver colors.

But the data is inconclusive, and not always as pronounced as the ads would suggest - Seattle only saw a very small uptick in births after its Superbowl win.

But that still doesn't change the fact that you had entire groups of people singing a paean to their parents having sex. And thanking that for them being here. Some thought it was cute, but many thought it was just uncomfortable and weird.

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