Sunera Thobani is a women's studies professor at UBC and a past president of NAC, a national Canadian women's organization. She gave a speech (Sunera Thobani's Speech) at a conference on Oct.1, 2001 criticizing US foreign policy and calling for peace. She also stated, twice, that we must all "love thy neighbor". Since then she has been vilified in the Canadian media, a guard had to be placed outside her classroom to protect her students from the press, and to keep the press from entering her classroom, and she has even been investigated by the RCMP for a possible hate crime. (I understand that she is no longer under investigation, as a judge has ruled that her speech did not promote hate.) The press has used selected quotes from her speech, which are taken out of context, to construct Thobani as hateful. Thobani's crime was being critical, using her mind, and being a feminist and a woman of colour. After all, she hasn't said anything that hasn't been said by white academics and peace activists, none of whom have been charged with hate crimes.

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