August 16th,2000, I attended a spectacular and nearly flawless concert... Summersault 2000! Right now I am in pain, but it was all worth it so I could see Foo Fighters live in concert, oh yes! Here is the order the bands played in at Halifax:

Finger Eleven
Treble Charger
Eve 6
The Catherine Wheel
A Perfect Circle
Foo Fighters
Our Lady Peace
Smashing Pumpkins

I must say that it was a great time had by all. In my opinion Finger Eleven and Foo Fighters put on the best shows, while Smashing Pumpkins butchered their final North American concert. OLP was great, as was Eve 6(surprised me). The rest were good too, I just hope I can do it again.

My pain comes not from moshing, no no no. Before the Foo Fighters set began I fought my way up to the front. By no means am I a strong or big guy, I am quite small, but I was in the front row of 26,000 people when Foo Fighters were playing. I was up against a steel railing. Everyone behind us was pushing forward, thus thrusting me into the railing...I think I bruised a rib. Again, I say it was all worth it.

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