Sudwerk is an excellent hangout in Davis, its only weakness is it's being too far from the other bars. It is found on Pole Line Street near where it crosses I-80. Sudwerk offers many beers including Helles, a lighter beer, Pilsner, a wheaty beer, and Marzen, an amber-type beer. Also served there is Dopple Bach, a black beer with the consistency of guinness and 9% alcohol. Think along the drunk-factor level of malt liquour, only tasting much, much better. The stuff is potent and will kick your ass if you're not ready. But it's excellent beer. In addition to Karaoke night, on Wednesday it's Dollar Pint Night. Some argue that the beer isn't as good these nights as it's the 'extra' beer they are selling off for cheap. Nevertheless, its better than just about anything else you'd get around town, and after 3 or 4 you won't care anyway.

They also serve decent food at Sudwerk, but I've never been there for the food. There's a nice outdoor patio which is great for hot summer nights, when they serve an excellent beer-lemonade blend. If you're ever in Davis, or traveling I-80 between Sacramento and the Bay Area (and have someone else to drive you) i definitely recommend it.

Sudwerk beers are also available in bottle form in Davis and nearby towns. Also, there is apparently a Sudwerk open in Sacramento too, near Arden. I've never been there so i can't vouch for the quality.

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