Home grown vegetables are a wonderful thing and when you grow your own on an allotment you tend to end up with an overload of produce. This is how I found myself in position of a large marrow recently, given to me by an allotment owning work colleague. Having never actually cooked a marrow I asked around for recipe ideas and stuffed marrow was the most common suggestion. I dipped into the nodegel to find many stuffed vegetable recipes, but no marrow!

So I set out to create my own, it is a relatively simple recipe that is low in purine due to my constant battle with gout, mushrooms are the only bad gout ingredient but I could not resist.



All the ingredients except the marrow and the cheese should be cut into small pieces so that they may be stir fried. Heat a wok or other suitable pan for stir frying and add a bit of oil.

Halve the marrow from top to bottom then hollow out the marrow seeds of both halves with a spoon and lightly brush the flesh with olive oil

Fill the hollowed marrow halves with the stir fried vegetables and sprinkle the grated cheese on top.

Preheat your oven to Gas Mark 6 / 200 degrees Centigrade / 390 degrees Fahrenheit. Bake your stuffed marrow for 40 minutes. Marrows taste like courgettes / zucchini and are ready when the flesh is soft.

The beauty of this recipe is that it can be easily adapted for meat recipes or have other vegetables added to it such as sweetcorn It isn't essential to have cheddar cheese, mozzarella or a similar cheese will do fine.

With the exception of the mushrooms, this is a good recipe for gout sufferers like me, because the purine content in these ingredients is moderately low.

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