"Stuff White People Do" is a blog about highlighting and discussing white people in the United States as a race and culture, specifically how white people interact with and affect people of other races and cultures in the United States. The blog was started by a white guy who identifies himself as "Macon D," though he does not write all of the posts; he sometimes features guest bloggers.

Part of the reason that Macon D created this blog I think was because white people often, consciously or unconsciously, don't view themselves as a race or has having a culture, they tend to see themselves just as "normal," and therefore everyone else as "deviant" or "different". I think that the blog in part is a way to raise white people's awareness that they may act in race or culture specific ways, especially in regards to how they interact with/react to people who aren't white. It also provides a forum for people of all races/cultures to discuss race, white people, how white people affect them, racism, etc.

The blog does not assume that all white people act as one mind/one body. What it does is point out mainstreamed recurring behavior in white people or in popular culture or in the press.

Some of the recent articles posted were titled "Think That Doing Something Racist is Ok if You Somehow Distance Yourself From Racism," "Perpetually Thinking of Asian Americans as Foreigners,""Wonder What Sex is Like in Interracial Couples," "Think Of Africa in Fantasized, Monolithic Terms," and "Raise Their Children in Isolation from People of Color."

The articles, and especially the discussions sparked from the articles, are very interesting. I don't take everything at face value, it is just good stuff to think over. I think that a lot of white people (especially me) need to educate themselves more about how they may be perpetuating racism or white privilege. Here is the blogs web address: http://stuffwhitepeopledo.blogspot.com/

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