Title of a Pavement bootleg LP/CD initially released in 1994. The first 13 tracks were recorded from the soundboard live at the Brixton Academy in London on December 14, 1992. Greenlander is a studio recording available on the Volume 4 and Born to Choose compilations. The next four tracks were recorded from the audience live at the Reading Festival in the UK on December 15, 1992. The remaining tracks were recorded from the audience at the Brixton Academy on December 15, 1992. The bootleg was re-released in 1997 with four bonus tracks, one more from the Reading Festival and three from the Zap Club in Brighton, UK on July 21, 1992. Unfortunately, I don't know what these tracks are.

Track listing of 1994 release is as follows:
Conduit for Sale
Fame Throwa
Summer Babe
Angel Carver Blues / Mellow Jazz Docent
Two States
No Life Singed Her
So Stark, You're a Skyscraper
Box Elder
Baby, Yeah
In the Mouth a Desert
Trigger Cut
Black Walls
Texas Never Whispers
Teenage Piss Party
Zurich is Stained
Kentucky Cocktail
Feed Them to the Lions

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