Straub Beer is a completely natural beer made with spring water and contains no added sugars, syrups, salt or preservatives. I remember my friends telling me that diabetics drank Straub's. As a health food fanatic in my late teens and early twenties I found Straub Beer to be the perfect choice. Today Straub's calls itself "The Natural Choice".

Straub Beer was founded by Peter Straub in 1872 in St. Marys, Pa. where it has been brewed for over 100 years. The brewing process is virtually the same as when it started. When it is fresh there is nothing like it. To keep it fresh Straub's recommends not exposing the beer to light. You can purchase Straub Beer right from the brewery in St. Marys.

My brother bought four cases one day. He set the beer next to his car in direct sunlight. Before he could get it loaded into his car someone came running out of the plant and told him to get it out of the sun. Straub's has a large canopy over its loading dock to block sunlight. They've also been putting expiration dates on their bottles for at least 20 years.

Tours of the brewery are available free of charge. One of the highlights of a Straub tour is The Eternal Tap which is also open to the public for people 21 and older. You can have a free glass of beer or two. Straub Beer was featured on PCN Tours (Pennsylvania Cable Network) which focuses on smaller successful businesses in Pennsylvania. For more information about Straub Beer their website is: (

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