When you lived in the stone age half the time you worried about the weather. Bad weather meant bad harvest, bad harvest meant starvation and well starvation meant you were dead. We of course all know that weather is a simple matter of luck, but the people in the stone age thought otherwise.
Stone-agers seemed to think that you could bring yourself luck. Most ancient religions worshiped gods, but the people in the stone age worshiped their dead ancestors.
It was important to keep your ancestors extremely happy. The Stone-agers psychology was keep your ancestors happy, and they will keep you pretty happy.

It was important to first release the sprit from the dead body. Unfortunately you had to wait until the body was mouldy, yellow looking and the skin was falling off the bones. They then chopped the top of the head off. They might have also eaten the brain ).

Stone-agers often buried the bones of the dead in one place, and worshipped the dead person in another.
In Stone Age western Europe you would walk up a very long straight path edged with stones until you reached your temple, a stone circle just like stonehenge. Funny that.

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