Stig's Inferno is either six issues of a comic book, or half of a graphic novel about a fellow named Stig who is killed by a possessed piano, goes to Hell, and, well, suffice it to say that antics ensue. The art is black and white, but incredibly detailed. The word spectacular would not be out of place, nor would surreal.

It is an absolutely fabulous comic. If you search for "Stig's Inferno" with your favorite internet search engine, a surprisingly large number of matches are from various "best of all time" lists, and many of those not in English. If you can find a copy (which I'm guessing you can't) read it.

If you imagine Dante's Inferno re-written by Douglas Adams in comic book form, you might get a vague inkling of what's in store, but not really.

Written and illustrated Ty Templeton (Do you remember Brad Templeton who used to moderated rec.humor.funny? He's Ty's brother). It was co-created with Klaus Schonefeld who's premature passing brought an abrupt halt to the series. Published by Vortex Comics, Toronto, Canada.

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