Steven Taylor is a character from the TV series Doctor Who. Played by Peter Purves he joins the show in the final episode of The Chase and is present until The Savages.

Steven was primarily introduced to replace the departing Ian - they always needed a character to do the action in the show, rescue the girls, and fight the bad guys (William Hartnell being a little old for that sort of thing). He was portrayed as a space pilot, though nothing much is made of his background in the series.

Exasperatingly only four stories featuring Steven still exist, the BBC idiotically destroying the rest - and with them went most of the good scenes from the character. Some of the scenes lost include his furious anger at the Doctor refusing to save a girl from religious persecution, Peter Purves' favourite story, The Celestial Toymaker, and all the final story, where he has more of a role in events than the Doctor. The one good thing is that the audio tracks of these stories did survive, and Peter Purves provides the linking narration for them on the CD release.

In the course of his travels Steven only ran into Daleks twice, but he did get to deal with Vikings, rogue Time Lords, help out during the seige of Troy, see the exodus of mankind from the dying Earth, met a lot of angry men with guns in a little town called Tombstone and finally left to lead a civilization on a panet in the far future. Not too bad really....

If your researches have so little regard for human life then I want no part. - Steven, The Massacre

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