White noise whispering from the great urban masses in a common language and all the same words in horrid repetition. I'm wishing for a violent overthrow. Bullets and burning bodies draping themselves over all the familiar places painting the streets with blood and other beautiful colours. Fire and brimstone raining down from wherever Heaven is raking this artificial landscape with white hot revenge. Your brothers blood calls unto me from the ground. What hast thou done? I am Cain taking his first steps into Nod. I am Lilith sleeping among the roots of Ashrah. I am standing on the great scale and watching the feather lift and with my head held high cherishing the life I've chosen and shunning the holy justice that seeks me. I want sweet nothing. I want to drink darkness up until I'm drunk from the blood of Tartarus. I want to fuck. I want to kill. I want to fill my veins with poison to bring on the waking dreams. I want to worship the prophets of destruction and lead us away from the holy land and watch you die in the barren fields that we refuse to toil in. I want to spread your legs and listen to you scream out in pleasure as I pump the good out of you. I reach out to you with my crippled broken hands, twisting and carving a smile on my face asking you if want to join me and the faithless in an orgy of escape and hate. Find me in this nightmare and I'll show you the man that lives here and I can teach you to love this snuff porn that is my meaningless existence.

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