Steel Frontier: Movie

Director: Paul G. Volk, Jacobsen Hart
Starring: Joe Lara, Bo Svenson
Run Time: 90 minutes

Rated: R
Studio: Sunland Studios
Video Release Date: April 30, 1996

A post-apocalyptic movie set in the near future. This movie isn't that great, I've seen much better than it, and much worse. It is still quite enjoyable if you don't bother with a thing called plot to much...

If you are a big fan of post-apocalypse stuff like myself then you will want to find this movie. If not, it is worth a rental if your store happens to have it.


The movie starts off with the stupidest group of thugs, the Death Riders, taking over the town of New Hope. Ugh, could this get any cornier? J.W. Quantrell is the leader of the Death Riders. New Hope has some secret method of making tires usefull (its never explained what exactly they do with old tires...).

Having captured New Hope, Quantrell leaves his son in charge. Eventually the main character Yuma, is introduced. He is your cliched cowboy, only he's from the future. In an attempt at some kind of suspense he joins the Death Riders. What, are we actually supposed to believe this guy is bad?

Later, he tries to stop a Death Rider named Charlie from raping this chick, Sara. While Yuma is screwing around, Sara and her son, Luke kill Charlie and his buddy.

The other Death riders are pissed, and somehow just know that Yuma killed the guys. Yuma the bad-ass he is walks up and challenges all of them to a quick-draw, at once! After all the Death Riders in New Hope are dead, in what are some of the corniest love scenes ever, Yuma and Sara's relationship is "developed". Yuma also has some high-tech healing thing that looks like a stun gun, and at this time feels inclined to show off to Sara by turning his Death Riders' "D" brand into a smilie face. ":D" lol.

After a fight with some random mutant cannibals Quantrell comes back to New Hope to kill Yuma. I have never seen so many explosions in my life. The move ends with a Mad-Max-esque car chase scene that was OK.

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