A really really big granite monolith in Squamish, BC on national parkland. A large, wide cliff-side presents itself in view of the Sea-to-Sky highway, and it's very popular with local climbers. There is also a trail leading up to the three peaks of Stawamus Chief. The trail is short for the amount of altitude gain, and as a result is very steep and very rocky. The trail starts with a big boulder you have to clamber over (just past the warning signs that say "This trail is not a walk in the park! Many lost and injured hikers have been rescued from this trail!" and point to other nearby parks with easier trails), possibly left there to intimidate those who would find the trail a mite challenging. Then there are 45 minutes worth of wooden and rock stairways which run parallel to the spectacular Shannon falls, and then rough rocky climbs up gullies and through the woods, and then a ladder and some chains lead up to the peaks. The trail is so rough and rocky that the descent takes about the same amount of time as climbing up. The view from the peaks is fantastic and well worth the hike.

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