Over a hundred years ago, man had not yet grasped the stars. Humankind's expansion into the universe was stayed by the very nature of man. The world was divided by nations. Certain groups of people strived to aggregate humankind into a single pattern of belief, while others tried to wear the iron glove of domination. It was only a matter of time before the terrible powers at large would clash. In an attempt to belay such a thing from happening, the people of the world established the Federal Sanction.

The Federal Sanction was to prevent a world war from happening; surely, such a war would kill all life. Human nature, however, was not to be hindered by mere effort---for human effort is still subjugated by the nature of man... The Federal Sanction was the door through which lay the cosmos. Man finally emerged from the blue planet. Not too much time passed before the Sanction became drunk with power. The hideous, sick claws of abuse began to grow from the hands of the Sanction, and the citizens of the earth began to feel the slashes. "TO PROTECT AGAINST THE WORLD'S END," was the Sanction's statement, and the very thing they caused.

Revolutionary war broke out---the common citizen fought back against the now-tyrannical Federal Sanction, which had grown fat with power. A three-year war ensued, and millions upon millions of bystanders were slaughtered, and millions more died fighting the Sanction. Man had not yet seen death on such a massive and grotesque scale. There is yet to be, nor was there ever, a war which dug so many graves. In the end, citizens of the earth stood victorious and the Sanction had to bow its knee to the people it had sworn to protect: the people who once relied on it to save the earth, the people who were killed by their human protectors...

In the following year, the people of the earth took a good look at their world. The Federal Sanction War took its toll. Earth was broken. Entire nations had been wiped off the face of the blue planet. Most nations could no longer stand. Either humankind would come together for a solution, or the next war would bring absolute annihilation. That year, amidst the grief and turmoil, the Kingdoms were born. It is called the Alpha Year, or Year A, as most call it. The Ten Kingdoms of the United Global State were risen from the ashes of war and the stench of death, children of rage and agony. However, this, too, was written in the history books and counted among the tragedies of human existence.

Each Kingdom was a collective of like-minded people from a variety of nations, forming their own constitutional rights and economic structures. Knowing that these great establishments would eventually clash, they leaped back into the stars. Perhaps in the cosmos they would have enough room for a comfortable distance between each other.

The stars were there for the taking. The Kingdoms scrambled to establish a presence where they held an interest. Each Kingdom found a place not yet claimed by a fellow Kingdom. Somehow, the universe had afforded the room. To keep their presence in their chosen territories, the Kingdoms knew there had to be permanent structures. A solution was found. Each Kingdom would build a capitol in the prime location of their claimed stellar territory. These capitols became known as the "Stars".

Each Star had its own government, and was the center for each Kingdom. The blue planet was the United Global State Center, a no-man's land, a green zone, a neutral state. Planet Earth became known as UGSC, the tortuous and harrowing birthing place of the Star Kingdoms.

Now, in the year A109, one hundred and nine years after Alpha Year, the Kingdoms have expanded even further. The Federal Sanction was revived in the year A87, but with extreme constraints under the government of AIs. The need for the Sanction arose when humanity's nature was projected into the stars, and so they continue to spread into the dark and cold reaches of space...


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