Ever wished you could watch the original Star Wars trilogy in little over 15 minutes? Well now you can, thanks to Star Dudes! It is all expertly animated in Flash 4.0, with great attention to detail. With music from the original film, it brings it all back. The first installment, Star Dudes, Episode IV - A New Dude, has all the important moments of the original film, as do Episode V - The Bad Dudes Strike Back, and Episode VI - Return of the Dude. Some parts of the animated trilogy are uncannily like the original, but you probably won't understand the plot very well if you haven't seen the originals; most of the script is "Hey Dude!" and "ROAR!!!" from Chewie. "Dude stay you must" is the most verbal Yoda gets. Really a film or 3 worth seeing. Soon Dude Studios will be releasing Episode I. I can't wait. See it at http://www.dudestudios.com/stardudes.htm.

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