A 1980's Marvel comic invented by Jim Shooter as part of his New Universe. This comic concerned Ken Connell and a device of extraordinary power called the star brand which took the form of a tattoo. While the scope of the brands power was cleverly limited it certainly allowed Connell to fly and have all the other superpowers that come as standard. It is hinted at one point that he has the power to do anything he believes he can do, that it's self belief that is the defining factor. But Connell is handicapped by his lack of confidence which prevents him from leaving his job as car mechanic.
While Star Brand was initially a fine comic when John Byrne took over, displacing not only Shooter but John Romita Jr. and Al Williamson, it went downhill. The former naturalism was replaced by pointless character changes and the book was canceled (as was the whole New Universe).

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