(a work in progress)

Bulbs and blossoms,
suddenly popping like bulging zippers
or slowly spreading into sweet lips

Warm rain that tastes like a woman,
melting outer layers into latex
and Unavoidable Obscene Green
bursting with that fresh scent
of sex on clean sheets

It's enough to drive one mad...

I itch for hot dirt
pulsing with seeds,
and the juicy hieroglyphics
left by smashed grass
on stained backs

When every busy anthill
mimicks the points of a girl's shirt,
my fingers become wysteria
groping a budding dogwood,
eager enough to dig into skin
and smother a gasping stranger.

Sprung (?),

imp. & p. p. of Spring.


© Webster 1913.

Sprung, a. Naut.

Said of a spar that has been cracked or strained.


© Webster 1913.

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