Splender is a pop/rock band that consists of:

They have one album, released on May 18, 1999, "Halfway Down The Sky", under the Columbia record Label. They are currently working on a second, under the new label, Clive Davis label J Records. From their homepage(www.splender.com): "We are currently hard at work on our second anticipated album. We will be heading into the studio in May for an early fall release. The new music is simply moving us. We cant wait for all you to get it."

Waymon Boone has been submerged in his music since he started supporting himself through it at age 16. First in NY, then in Montreal, and back in NY, he spent his adolescence studying theatre and playing 6 or 7 nights a week on the bar circuits. Eventually, when he moved back to NY, he decided to focus solely on his music.

In NY in 1990 he met James Cruz. They shared a certain passion for music and hit it off instantaneously, becoming friends and musically collaborating often. After returning from a European festival tour where they opened for Primus and Korn, to name two, they met Marc Slutsky - also from NY. Again, they fused immediately, and the group soon met its final member, James Cruz, through an ad. James is the only member from outside New York, being born in Sanford, Connecticut.

The four of them share a love for music that is the main drive of the band. With an almost maniacal focus and enthusiasm in their music, the band puts out songs with intelligent lyrics and raw emotion.

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