The Spenserian stanza is nine lines long, eight of which are iambic pentameter, and the last is iambic hexameter. The rhyming pattern is a b a b b c b c c.

But on his brest a bloudie Crosse he bore,
The deare remembrance of his dying Lord,
For whose sweet sake that glorious badge he wore,
And dead as liuing euer him ador'd:
Vpon his shield the like was also scor'd,
For soueraine hope, which in his helpe he had:
Right faithfull true he ws in deede and word,
But of his cheere did seeme too solemne sad,
Yet nothing did he dread, but euer was ydrad.

-Edmund Spenser, The Faerie Queene, Book I, Canto I.

Spen*se"ri*an (?), a.

Of or pertaining to the English poet Spenser; -- specifically applied to the stanza used in his poem "The Faerie Queene."


© Webster 1913.

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