This is a drinking game best played with at least four people sitting in a circle around a table with a hard, flat surface. The more the merrier. As the name indicates, it's a faster, more intense version of the widely known game quarters. Speed quarters is played with two cups (keg cups or something else unbreakable) and two quarters. Increase the number of quarters and cups if there is not enough drinking occurring. In addition to these cups, you should have a pitcher of your beer in the middle of the table with n cups already filled with beer for such that: n > number of quarters/2.

Once you have this equipment, you are ready to play. Let's assume you only have two quarters and two cups. Modify the rules as necessary to accommodate more. Two people on opposite sides of the table start with a cup and a quarter each. At a given signal, each person should attempt to bounce their quarter into their cup as in the standard quarters game. However, in this version you are allowed as many tries as it takes you to get your quarter in, or sink your quarter.

If you sink it on your first attempt, you pass the cup and the quarter always passed with it to the person on your left. If it takes you more than one try, pass it to the person on your right. The cups are always passed to people adjacent to you. This pattern is repeated throughout the game with the modification that after the start of the game if you sink the quarter on your first attempt, you pass it back to the person who passed it to you, otherwise you pass it on to the person who did not give it to you.

By this point anyone still reading is wondering where the drinking comes in. Because of the way that the cups change directions and the inevitable varying skill levels in sinking the quarters, eventually one person will end up with both of the cups. At this point they must stop bouncing their quarters and chug from the cup in the middle. Then they must bounce to get rid of their cups, one at a time. The cup in the middle should be refilled by someone else.

If there are more than two cups circulating, you might want to assign multiple drinks to someone who gets more than two cups. Then again you might not, since this game can become brutal for anyone who is below the group average at sinking quarters. When two cups start moving after clumping up, they will tend to be closely spaced, which is when the frantic bouncing begins.

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