Spare Reels is a short 45 minute video that was produced by Ben Folds Five back in 1999. For a limited time, it was released with The Unauthorized Biography of Reinhold Messner. It was the first and only organized BFF video.

Title: Spare Reels
Release Date: April 27, 1999
Band: Ben Folds Five


  1. Introduction/Theme From Doctor Pyser
    • This is basically an introduction to the band. Ben Folds, Robert Sledge, and Darren Jessee introduce themselves and tell their role in the band. Meanwhile, in the background, the 'Theme from Doctor Pyser' is playing. After the intro is over, the video switches over to the band playing 'Dr Pyser' live. Truly a great performance.
  2. Battle of Who Could Care Less
    • Video of Ben Folds Five playing 'Battle of Who Could Care Less' live.
  3. Philosophy
    • Excellent performance of 'Philosophy'. Includes Ben spearing his piano with the piano stool at the end. Entertaining and funny.
  4. ABC-TV Recovery Show
  5. Missing the War
  6. Brick
  7. One Day While the Band Was Out Walking...
    • This is a short and humorous clip of Ben Folds Five getting beat up in the middle of a public park by a stunt man.
  8. Jackson Cannery
    • An arousing live performance of Jackson Cannery.
  9. Bikers
  10. Song For the Dumped
  11. Don't Change Your Plans
    • An in-studio version of 'Don't Change Your Plans' without the horn section.
  12. Army
    • An in-studio version of 'Army' without the horn section.

You can download many of the above videos in RM format at the Ben Folds Five FTP. See Rockin' The Suburbs for details.

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