Is there no warrior mightier than I?

Space Fury was an old vector arcade game released by Sega way back in 1981. This is a fun color vector game with an amusing evil talking cyclops-brain alien. This title ran on the Sega G80 vector system. The most notable thing about that hardware platform is that the monitors would often catch on fire. You could lower the chance of this game catching fire by installing a monitor cooling fan and removing the back door.

So, a creature for my amusement. Prepare for battle!

This game is a rather simple alien blasting shoot em up. It uses than almost industry standard vector controls, which are four buttons, Left Rotate, Right Rotate, Thrust, and Fire. You begin the game in the center of four strange looking shapes. These shapes are both level selects and upgrades. Run into one of them and it will add itself to your ship, and then you get to do the level associated with it.

Each level is different mainly because you have wildly different shot patterns on each one. But all of them are the same when it comes to your objective. What you have to do is blast all the spaceship parts before they can form into dangerous enemy spaceships. Blast them all, and you get to select a new level and watch a little interlude where the alien taunts you with his evil computer voice.

You are starting to annoy me, creature. My destroyers will annihilate you!

Space Fury shipped in the Sega "convert-a-cab", which was an attractive, but hopelessly generic arcade cabinet with woodgrain sides, and no sideart. Lots of different games came in this cabinet, it wasn't just for Space Fury. The rest of the decorations on this game looked rather amateur. The alien head and logo displayed on the marquee could have easily came out of any 8th grade art class. You would think Sega would have done a little better than that. I own a few Sega games from that era, and the artwork looks very professional. I guess the design team was on strike when this title came out, because it just doesn't look as good as Sega's other titles do.

You survived! Warriors! Dispose of this annoyance at once!

You can play this title using the MAME emulator. Or you can try and find a real machine. There seem to be quite a few of these still around. Although I would not recommend adding this one to your arcade game collection, because X-Y monitors are very problematic, and do you really want a game that might catch on fire?

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