Soy protein concentrate has 65%+ soy protein content*; a higher protein content than soy flour (50%), but not as high as soy protein isolate (90%+). It is basically soybeans without the hull and water soluble carbohydrates, leaving protein, fiber, and enough carbohydrates that it still has some of the taste of soybeans.

It's nutritionally useful as a low-fat source of vegetarian protein. It's low in oligosaccharides, meaning easier digestion (and less gas). It's good for young children and older folks, and anyone else who might have digestive problems. Soy protein isolate is even better.

It is also used in meat and poultry products to increase water and fat retention, and to jack up nutritional values.

Soy, of course, is touted as a cornucopia of valuable phytochemicals, including the famous isoflavones. Some manufacturing processes (most notably those including acid washes) remove these along with the soluble sugars. Try for a concentrate manufactured by the 'hot water leaching process', and make sure they haven't been overwashed, either! The package will tell you if they are proud of their manufacturing process.

* Percentages are determined on a moisture free basis, AKA dry weight. The SPC that you buy will not be 100% dry, meaning that dry weight percentages will not apply -- lowering the actual protein percentages by 4-8%

A quick note for those of you that have not posted a soy related WU recently; my writeup hints tells me "(siLly) SOY! SOY! SOY! Soy makes you strong! Strength crushes enemies! SOY!". Lest we forget.


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