South River Miso Company is a small company located in Conway, Massachusetts. They make miso by hand in small batches, and sell it over the net and in some grocery stores in the Boston area. From their website you can order about ten different varieties of miso and some other things (tamari, tahini, dried mulberries). There are a couple of varieties made from chickpeas instead of soy. Because they follow the traditional annual cycle of miso making, you can only order miso from September to June each year.

I have only had their 3-Year Barley miso, but it is wonderful. The miso I had had before was always completely homogeneous, like toothpaste. This is full of barley, bean fragments and other yummy stuff, and tastes rich, beany and salty without being overpowering at all. I am nothing like a connoisseur of miso or any other food, but a bowl of soup made from this stuff makes me really happy. It improves my entire day, and that's enough of a recommendation for me.

More information, including pictures of their workshop, can be found at I have no connection to this company other than as a customer.

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