The Sound Princess is an electronic device installed in public toilets (predominantly women's) in Japan that simulates the sound of flushing. Its purpose is to camouflage the sounds of [Pooping, peeing, and farting, oh my!|bathroom activities. The device was introduced in the 1980's in response to the excessive amounts of water wasted by women constantly flushing the toilet while doing their business. It is activated by a push button or motion sensor and creates a very loud simulated toilet flushing sound to mask all sins. It is present in almost all female public restrooms in Japan.

The concept behind something like the Sound Princess baffles Westerners, but the Japanese are notoriously shy about bodily functions and restroom etiquette is of utmost importance in the culture. This is curious when you consider the preponderance of occurrences of words like shit, piss, and fart in "engrish", but alas. Japanese culture is rather particular about decorum, and by their very nature bathrooms are the domain of the nastiest and most embarrassing of human activities, so it makes sense.

A nodeshell fill done out of boredom, and the burning desire to bring culture to E2, even when it involves poop.

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