Large clunky boots that are worn by everyone from schoolkids walking home in the slush to arctic expedition science officers. Most styles of Sorel boots have a long narrow part that comes up your foot with a canvas hood with drawstring at the top to prevent slushy wet snow from getting in.

A very Canadian boot required for many activities from snowshoeing to ski-doo races over frozen bodies of water. Much smarter to wear at outdoor BBQ's than a pair of Airwalks.

How do Sorel boots keep feet so warm?

Trapped air is an excellent insulator. Insulation compresses under weight which reduces the trapped air. Soft foam compresses easily so it isn't as good as felt. Sorel boots use what they call a "Frostplug" insole in their boots which have the trademark name, ThermoPlus. The "Frostplug" is made of special felt absorbs perspiration and moisture. Remove the "Frostplugs" after having been outside to let them dry. Beneath the "Frostplug" is "The Furnace" which is 9mm of closed cell cross link foam that retains body heat for an extended period.It is also an excellent thermal barrier with the ground.

Above the "Frostplug" is a 9mm outer liner of high density ThermoPlus felt and a 6mm inner liner. All of these liners are removable so we can dry them out. The boot is made of handcrafted natural rubber bottoms and Dacron uppers that can breath. Sorel named the style "Mukluk" which is an Inuit name for footwear.

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