The Sorcerer Hunters, a fair-to-good anime/manga featuring characters named after rich desserts, is a good view , although often formulaic. However, the eccentric plot lines almost make up for the often crappy writing- for some reason, I can't picture the Power Rangers beating up a virgin-stealing goddess or an evil sorceress that likes to don Playboy Bunny-esque outerwear. The female characters' crazy dominatrix alter egos and bustiers that runneth over also make it a good sell to the teenage boy demographic. With strong American influences (good guys defeat baddies in a thirty-minute time limit), the show was obviously written for the masses, and deserves to be criticized as such.

Basically, the show centers around this group, the Sorcerer Hunters, who are responsible for disspelling the use of evil magic in their world and fighting for the powers of good. Starring are two sibling acts- sisters Tira Misu and Chocolate Misu, and brothers Carrot Glace and Marron Glace. Gateau Mocha is their strapping blond friend, representing the brawn 'n muscle of the group. Both Tira and Chocolate are hopelessly in love with Carrot, whereas Carrot is hopelessly in love with the entire female gender. There are many sex gags involving Carrot's foibles with girls. Marron is the cliche wise psychic character, sort of a male Bene Gesserit. He's got the mystic-anorexic chic thing going on. It is implied that Marron is gay or bisexual, but the rumors are neither confirmed nor denied by the comic's producers. Chocolate is hands down the sexiest of the entire bunch, with a sensual deep voice in both the American and Japanese recordings, and S&M gear that would make you consider a trip to the local dungeon. Looking after them are two goddess figures- Big Momma, who looks elvish and dispenses ethereal mystic advice, and Dotta, Big Momma's ditzy daughter. Dotta also recites tag lines for next week's show after the Sorcerer Hunters have kicked some ass.

All in all, the series is kind of like Looney Tunes- enjoyable to watch, but the plot lines go nowhere. A true anime buff should at least respect the show's contribution to the comedy genre.

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