The Sony MZ-N1 is one of Sony's first NetMD offerings to the MiniDisc world, it has all the features of the Sony MZ-R909, plus the added attraction of NetMD.

The MZ-N1 features an impressive array of features, including a fully rotating Jog Dial, and a three line LCD display on the main unit, which is unfortunately not backlit. Most of the operations can be done from the included one-line remote, which is backlit. Remotes are common place on almost every MiniDisc player/recorder, and for good reason. The remote displays all the information about the current track,group and the MiniDisc itself. The unit contains an internal Sony Gumstick battery, which does a staggering 24/27/31 hours (playback SP/LP2/LP4), 8.5/11/14 hours (record SP, LP2, LP4). You can also use an external AA battery, which brings it up to 64/75/84 hours (playback SP/LP2/LP4), 20/28/37 hours (record SP, LP2, LP4). The unit is charged by a cradle, which is also where the USB connection is located, unlike the other Sony NetMD unit's, and the Sharp IMMT-880S which have the usb connectors located on the unit itself.

As well, the MZ-N1 features Atrac DSP Type-R, and Sony's G-Protection, which is their version of shock protection. The only downside to this great unit is actually not part of the unit itself, in order to use NetMD you have to use Sony's OpenMG Jukebox, which is only availabe (at this time) for Windows.


  • ATRAC: MDLP, Type-R DSP (SP mode only)
  • Dimensions: 80 (W) x 20.5 (H) x 75.5 (D) mm
  • Weight: 137 g, including NiMH Battery
  • Battery life: NiMH only: 24/27/31 hours (playback SP/LP2/LP4), 8.5/11/14 hours (record SP, LP2, LP4)
  • AA Alkaline only: 34/40/45 hours (playback SP/LP2/LP4), 7.5/12/15 hours (record SP, LP2, LP4)
  • NiMH + AA: 64/75/84 hours (playback SP/LP2/LP4), 20/28/37 hours (record SP, LP2, LP4)

There are many places to get your hands on one of these things. and are both excellent places to purchase one.

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