Song in the Silence is a book written by Elizabeth Kerner, an author whom is perhaps not very well known, but a wonderful woman.

Her writing style is a quite unique one, and she's got an amazing skill at creating well-rounded characters, and writes from the character's point of view, and not from third person.

Song in the Silence bases itself in a land not too different from ours in the times of knights and castles, but centers itself in the farmlands, with a girl whom lives with her father with horses.

The story does have a normal theme, with the girl dreaming of 'more'. But, 'more' is not simply a castle, and a man to hold her at night.

It is the island with dragons, where the lansip leaves are harvested every couple hundred years, when the winds die down enough to make the trip there safe.

Upon her trip there, she comes into contact with Ahkor, the king of the dragons -- or, the Kindred, as it is proper to call them.

The book speaks of their growing together, and hardships they endure. A new spin on the normal dragon stories.

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