Sonderstab Musik was a command force of Alfred Rosenberg's Einsatzstab (Einsatzstab Reichsleiter Rosenberg)and was responsible for the systematic confiscation of music from Jewish musicians and composers.
The branch was headed by Dr. Herbert Gerigk, a musicologist known for his monthly periodicals " Die Musik", "Musik im Kriege" (Music In War) and as the publisher of the notorious "Lexikon der Juden in der Musik" (encyclopedia of jews in music). When in 1940, Gerigk opened an office in Paris he had direct orders to confiscate 'music instruments, literature, partitions and sheet music, grammophone records and players'. Between 1942 and 1944 all the 'found items' were transported to Germany, for 'study' at the 'Hohe Schule' ('study centers' in all fields of culture and science to be established after the war), the German troops (trophees) or for sale on the music market.
During this period, probably over 68,000 complete Jewish households (including the ones of Darius Milhaud and Arthur Rubinstein) from France and Belgium were brought over to Germany.

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