I'm scared of the dark inside houses.

Not outside houses. Not usually. If there is not the moon, there are the stars, and a gentle wind through the leaves. But inside the house, the shadows lurk. And maybe nothing lurks in the shadows. If I keep the lights on, there are still shadows somewhere in the house, in the place where I do not have lights on. And If I keep the lights on, and I glance out the window on a rainy night, then I will see nothing.

Nothing at all.

I do not think I could live in a house alone. Notwithstanding the operating costs, and the maintenance costs, such a thing would also cost me my sanity, for by day would be silence I longed to fill, and by night would be silence I was desperate to maintain.

A dorm I could stand, an apartment held alone I could stand. It is not hard for me to learn the shapes of those places and learn their shadows. But a house? Too much, too large, too dark. Always some corner out of my sight where my fears can lurk.

Sleeping alone in a house is almost as bad for me as sleeping alone in the woods.

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