From: The Thorough Good Cook

Fish: 36. Soles a la Francaise

Skin and clean a pair of soles, and put them into an earthen dish, with a quart of water, and half a pint of vinegar. Let them lie two hours, and then take them out and dry them with a cloth. Next place them in a stew-pan with a pint of white wine, a quarter of a pint of water, a very little thyme, a little sweet marjoram, winter savoury, and an onion stuck with four cloves. Put in the soles, sprinkle in a very little bay-salt, cover them close, and let them simmer very gently till they are done. Then take them out, and lay them in a warm dish before the fire. Strain the liquor, put into it a piece of butter rolled in flour, and let it boil till of a proper thickness. Lay the soles in a dish, and pour the sauce over them.

In the same manner you may dress a small turbot, or any flat fish.

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