1. Self-styled.
2. So-called.
3. Pretended, would-be.
Usually, all three of these are implied. Nearly always used despairingly.

From the French soi meaning 'oneself' and disant meaning 'saying'. Pronounced swa-dee-ZA (put some nasal into that last 'ZA' if you want to do it right). The last 'N' may be pronounced or not, as you like (swa-dee-ZAN).

Soi`-di`sant" (?), a. [F.]

Calling himself; self-styled; pretended; would-be.


© Webster 1913

Soi`-di*sant" (?), a. [F.; soi one's self + disant, p. pr. of dire to say.]

Self- named; self-styled.


© Webster 1913

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