A genre of music native to Trinidad and Tobago. I describe it as something mostly reggae but with hints of rap and a sort of clubby beat. Soca is almost never heard on U.S. radio stations partially because it's artists aren't well known and partially because Soca songs are like Christmas songs in that they're only played in one general time of year.

Soca music can be directly related to Carnival and a type of dancing called wining. The atmosphere is much like that of Bourbon Street during Mardi Gras only minus the alcohol, beads, and cleavage. The music is constantly playing from dueling artists and tourists as well as the natives are wining on the streets. Unfortunately, it's difficult to keep track of artists after Carnival unless they make a #1 song the following year(anything below #20 is rarely played).

If you're curious about what Soca music sounds like check out artists like Ginja, Rupee, and Surface.

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