Also the name of a pretzel and potato chip manufacturer in Hanover, Pennsylvania "Snyder's of Hanover". Snyder's features an outlet store where you can purchase what seems like a million pounds of broken pretzels in a gigantic bag for chump change.

Snyder® of Hanover began in 1909 with founder Harry V. Warehime. With a single pretzel recipe (Hanover Olde Tyme Pretzels), the gentleman called Gramp Harry started the Hanover Pretzel Company.

In 1923 William Snyder and his wife Helen opened their first pretzel bakery. With sons Edward and Bill they launched into the potato chip business. By 1948 demand for Snyder's Pretzels and Chips had grown to the point where a second plant was necessary. This was built in Berlin, Pennsylvania.

In 1963 Hanover Brands (formerly Hanover Pretzel Company) purchased the Snyder family business. In addition, that year also brought the purchase of a recipe for sourdough hard pretzels from a baker named Bill Bechtel. Over the next 14 years Hanover Foods Corporation continued to produce pretzels and potato chips in addition to peanuts and soft snack cakes. In 1977 the additional snack food line was discontinued.

Snyder's® of Hanover declared their independence from the Hanover Foods Corporation in 1981. The original recipes are still in use today.

Snyder's® is probably best known for their line of Nibblers, a crunchy pretzel like snack that come in a variety of flavors (including garlic, ranch, and pumpernickel and onion). Honey mustard and butter snaps are among the most popular pretzel flavors offered. Potato chips can be purchased in unusual flavors such as dill, steak and onion, hot buffalo wing, and jalapeno. Snyder's® also offers a line of organic and healthy chips.

There are two Snyder's® of Hanover factory outlets. One in Hanover, Pennsylvania and one in Goodyear, Arizona. These are open to the public and contain a gift shop. Snyder's® also welcomes telephone, mail, and internet orders.

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