Atari 2600 Game
Produced by: U.S. Games
Model Number: VC1002
Rarity: 2 Common+
Copyright: 1981-2
Sneak'n Peek Game Variations

Sneak'n Peek is a one or two player hide and seek game designed to be played on the Atari Video Computer System or the Sears Video Arcade. There are four variations of the basic game and two levels of difficulty to increase your enjoyment and test your skill.

Sneak'n Peek is played in and around a spooky old house with a large yard and three weird rooms. Each room, including the yard, is a separate scene:

a living room
a pink bedroom
a blue bedroom
the yard

Each scene contains up to five hiding places. That makes a total of twenty hiding locations. Some of them are in really strange places, and some of the locations can change depending on the level you select.

The game always begins in the living room with player one standing in the corner and covering his eyes. Player two may sneak in to any of the five hiding places in the living room or exit through the door to another scene. To enter another room or go out-of-doors, move the player through the doorway and a new scene will appear.

When a hiding place is found, simply move the joystick and the hiding place will pull the player in, making him invisible. If you don't like the hiding place and want to move to another, then before the player is all the way into the hiding place, hold down the Red Button while moving the Joystick and the player will back away. A timer keeps track of how long it takes the player to hide.

Once the player is hidden, the computer will signal the other player to begin seeking the sneaky hider and his counter will begin counting. Player two must peek in the hiding places. When player one has been found, player two will automatically be pulled into the hiding place and the timer will stop. Immediately the living room scene will reappear and the roles will automatically reverse. Player two can then hide while player one covers his eyes in the corner. (You will probably want your opponent to really cover his own eyes while you are hiding your player so that he can't sneak a peek.)

With practice, you will be able to find and remember all of the hiding places, and be able to fine your opponent in less time than he takes to find you when it is your turn to hide.

If a friend isn't available to play, the computer will be happy to hide from you. It knows all of the hiding places and is very sneaky.

This is a snippit from the instruction booklet of Sneak'n Peek, found at

I think that the only thing sadder than the game itself is that my brother actually owned it. I honestly will never understand what appeal was found in the game, and I only wish that I were old enough to remember playing it.

I'm sure you can find a used copy of it if you look, probably for less than a dollar. Why you would want to buy this is beyond me, but it's kind of funny to look at what people would buy in the early days of gaming.

Oh, and one thing that I'm sure of - like all other games, I was a hundred times better than my brother was at this game. ;)

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