For anyone who missed this particularly important piece of information as a factor in the US election, Hillary Clinton is being investigated by the FBI on federal criminal charges.

For those not in the know on this situation, she decided that Top Secret and Classified information was perfectly acceptable to transmit over insecure channels like her own personal fax machine, her own personal cell phone, and she - for reasons nobody on earth can fathom - decided to route emails to her own personal, unsecured email server which was installed in her bathroom.

Various Special Forces units have reported that once they stopped reporting their movements to Clinton's staff their success rate went way up. That's totally understandable - if you route material relating to it through a server literally ANYONE could read, she was practically giving out top secret info to every ally and enemy we have. All because she hated the "hassle" of having to do things the proper, secured, legal way.

Nobody at present is suggesting Senator Clinton deliberately gave aid to the enemy. But she most certainly risked lives all over the globe by allowing others to read top secret government information. If anyone else had done this, they'd have been jailed. General Petraeus had serious consequences of backing up some top secret data he needed to his own command laptop, because he didn't have network access in the field. And this was on a password protected, somewhat secured machine.

Well, the fit hit the shan last week when a reporter noticed the Attorney General of the United States, Loretta Lynch, having a private, clandestine meeting with none other than President Bill Clinton. She was in her plane, he skulked into it under cover, they had a half hour conversation, and he ducked out. The reporter gleefully reported this.

Because it's HIGHLY improper and unethical for a judge or a lawyer to be having private meetings with people involved in any kind of court case, never mind when it's being weighed up to indict a very public figure on serious felony charges.

And for his part, President Clinton - whose relationship with the truth is about as adulterous as his sex life - who once argued that it depends on your meaning of "is" and that he very famously "did not have sexual relations with that woman"... now wants us to believe that he flew out to where she was and played a bunch of cloak and dagger to have an informal chat about their grandchildren.

Loretta Lynch has recused herself from the proceedings, which means she will no longer be briefed on them. She was asked just why in the hell she thought it appropriate to have a hidden private meeting with no witnesses on a private plane with no sane reason for them to fly out somewhere and meet on that plane. Her lengthy answer was something to the effect of "I can well understand people's concerns, and it does indeed raise a lot of questions, and that's really the question of the day, isn't it?" Moving along, they said "well, now that there's been impropriety, are you recusing yourself from this case, as has been reported?" What she will do, according to very lengthy "non-answers" lawyers and politicians give when asked a straightforward question - is "accept the findings of the FBI and other parties."

A rather astute reporter picked up on the ambiguity of the statement and asked her to clarify: "By "accept" do you mean that you will FOLLOW the directives given to you by the FBI and others, and basically rubber stamp what they decide, or by "accept" do you mean that they will hand them to you, and you will take them out of their hands, but be involved in deciding what to do with that just being feedback and advice?" What then followed was a very long and drawn out answer explaining what the FBI would be doing to come up with these findings and the official process thereto. In other words, "god damn it, you were supposed to go away and report that I was going to follow their findings, then when I did what I was going to do - argue that I accepted them, sure."

Needless to say anyone who thought the Clintons were crooked enough to need to be buried with a screwdriver inserted into a slot in the tops of their heads were even more convinced that voting for a blowhard chimpanzee with the emotional range of Gucci Mane
would be better than her. The Trump camp are certainly hammering very hard on this. NPR and other liberal media are trying to spin this that the Republicans tried to make a mountain out of a molehill on the Monica Lewinsky thing and ended up more popular than ever. It's one thing to tell an evasive answer to avoid revealing very publicly that you had an intern licking your anus while you were on the phone with various heads of state - and interfering with the judge involved in adjudicating a felony trial that involved the possibility of blown cover, dead soldiers and operatives, and damaging information about the US being out there live. Never mind the fact that she deleted 18,000 emails and claimed they were just personal stuff about her kids.

In fact, this raises a bigger question. If she didn't handle classified information on the official government servers because she hated using them, and she didn't have any classified stuff on her personal server, just when the hell was Secretary of State Clinton reading the classified and top secret materiel she was supposed to be briefed with, and how? We know at least in one instance she ordered her staff to use liquid Paper to take the "Classified" stamp off some documents and fax them to her home fax. That's outright felonious. Anyone who suggests we give a Clinton the benefit of the doubt here is literally smoking drugs.

Of course, the tinfoil hat brigade is in full swing here. The powers that be will get rid of Clinton AND Trump by indicting her just before the DNC, after Bernie drops out and there's no contender. Then they'll spin up Joe Biden and another well known name here and sell it as the sane, better than Trump alternative that you can trust, which means that they wouldn't have to pay for the grandiose plans Clinton has been promising, and really can extend the Obama administration a further eight years.

Others believe that another world power, e.g. Vladimir Putin, will drop an email bomb on the world just after or before the DNC, revealing what world governments already know but the people don't, throwing things into chaos and assuring a Trump win.

I'm literally running out of room to store popcorn here. This election just gets better and better, from a soap opera perspective.

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