An async fountain is the basic six-ball juggling pattern. Like the four ball fountain, the balls do not go from hand to hand.

Essentially, this is three in one hand done in both hands. In the case of a fountain, the balls are thrown inside to out. In other words; while your right hand passes the balls in a clockwise circle, your left passes them in a counter-clockwise direction. In the async version of the fountain, the balls are thrown out of sync with each other.

The best way I've found to pick this move up is to work on your four ball fountain: bringing it as low and fast as you can get it. Then, when you work with six, keep up the speed but throw a bit higher. Beware however, while throwing very high can help give yourself more time, it can also add a lot of sideways movement unless your throws are very clean. Learning three balls in one hand to start with is also a good idea. However, even if you don't master this, you will get much better at it as you learn 6 balls anyway.

Believe me, it's easier said than done.

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