Sir Hornboook; or, Childe Launcelot's Expidition

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--"What men are you beside the way?"--
The bold Sir Hornbook cried:
--"My name is The, my brother's A,"--
Sir Article replied. 9

"My brother's home is any where, 10
At large and undefin'd;
But I a preference ever bear 11
For one fix'd spot, and settle there;
Which speaks my constant mind."

--"What ho! Childe Launcelot! seize them there,
And look you have them sure!"--
--Sir Hornbook cried,--"my men shall bear
Your captives off secure."--

The twain were seized: Sir Hornbook blew
His bugle loud and shrill:
His merrymen all, so stout and true,
Went marching up the hill.

9 There are two articles, the, definite; a or an, indefinite.

10 The indefinite article is used generally and indeterminately to point out one single thing of a kind: as, "There is a dog;" "Give me an orange."

11 The definite article defines and specifies particular objects: as, "Those are the men;"--"Give me the book."

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