Looking out the window, I can see the sun beginning to rise yet again, but this time it marks the day of my conclusion. This is my manuscript, from it hopefully you can find Toby, who I blame for all this. If you take the duct-tape apart, you will find the documents in a sealed pouch – I hope they will help you.

The radio said that today is to be sunny, around noon I will walk into the café du monde and pull the trigger. I don’t want it to end like this, but my real life already ended a year ago. Travis is dead, I am merely killing Baxter – somebody has to, right?

Whoever I may be, I offer my condolences and regrets to those I have affected. Jamie: If you read this, I understand and am sorry for lying to you. I love you, you are the only light I ever had in my life. Mother: Be strong, father is no longer a threat – you are free to live the life of your dreams.

I hear the birds outside my window now, calling me. Time to get ready. Farewell, all.

                Love, Baxter.

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