The second book in "The Riftwar Saga" trilogy by Raymond E. Feist. It takes place a year after the first book, "Magician", has ended, and focuses on a new problem in Midkemia, Murmundamus' invasion, poisoning of Prince Arutha's wife, Anita, and the potential return of The Enemy.

The character of Prince Arutha conDoin, The King of The West, is developed in great depth as a small group of mercenaries and travellers is led by him on a search for an antidote for Anita's poison. Another new character, Jimmy the Hand (also known as Squire James), is also well-rounded as opposed to his brief role in "Magician". Throughout The Riftwar Saga and the Krondor books he becomes a major character in the world of Midkemia.

This is the shortest book in the trilogy, and while "Magician" is a complete story, this is more of a prelude to "A Darkness at Sethanon" and could be compared in its importance to the first park of "Magician" - "Pug and Tomas".

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