The biggest comic book shop in Toronto, and one of the biggest in Canada. Located along Queens Street, Silver Snail is easily recognizable by the vibrant paintings of comic book characters across the store front. Inside are two floors of adolescent male heaven.

The lower floor conists of stacks of comic books, arranged by title in easy-to-search-through bins. Most of them are recent comics, and they have an excellent selection. (For better classical comic selection, check out the Comic Shop (I think) in Vancouver) Also downstairs is a selection of movie toys/memorobilia, including AT-AT Walkers, and talking Jay and Silent Bob action figures!!!! (well actually only Jay talks, but they come with swappable hands, and a miniture bong for only $60)

Upstairs is an impressive Anime movie selection, and comic/manga toy collection, all reasonably priced for collectables.

All in all one of the best comic book stores I have ever seen, a must see for anyone visiting Toronto, heck what else are you going to see? The CN Tower?

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