Name: Shynik L’eoul
Race: Red Elf
Profession: Fire Wizard
Age: 4253

When Shynik was 624, he encountered a fire elemental who was dying. This was a curious thing for both of them to experience and so the elemental called out to the passing fire wizard. The elemental offered Shynik a deal, the two of them would fuse into one, augmenting his fire magicks to be more powerful if he simply accepted a symbiotic relationship with the elemental. Shynik, being comparatively young and even so far as naïve at the time, went along with the elemental’s request. He did not fully realize what this would mean.

Shynik’s own robes are actually made of the same fire he uses to cast spells, in his time before the elemental, casting fire magic depended greatly on nearby tinder and torches, but with the ever present fire embedded in the robes he wears, he is always capable of using his magicks. The robes themselves are actually the living skin of the elemental, taking on the form of robes to help protect the pact between wizard and elemental.

Shynik’s powers were of course greatly augmented by this encounter, his fires ravaged his enemies more than before but at a cost, his amplified spells drained him faster, and introduced a weakness. When his spells had fatigued him too much, he would reduce to ash, temporarily, to rest, however if these ashes are disturbed in a way that separates them, he can be made unable to reform until the ashes are brought together again.

The other side-effect of this pact between wizard and elemental, when Shynik is near-to-death, the elemental takes full control of his body, seeking out a nearby town, the elemental explains the following, alters Shynik’s journal immensely, before allowing his body to burst into flames and be reborn amongst the true ashes as a mere babe again. The explanation given to the town is that they must care for the child they will find in the ashes of the night’s fire, until Shynik “comes of age” again he will have entirely no recollection of his past life and a belief that the journal is just a story book. Even after Shynik does come of age, it will be longer still before he fully grasps the truth of himself.

The journal carried by Shynik contains a historian-esque account of his exploits, a detached version of things that makes the events sound more like stories and legend than actual events. The journal also contains a complete (and ever increasing) encyclopedia of animals and plant life that Shynik has encountered. More details about Shynik’s journal are on the page for that item.

Shynik has but one friend and companion through the years, though not quite through the ages. While yes, he is always accompanied by someone, this is not always the same individual as he out lives them in every incarnation. The book never gives these souls names, but it is said that they might be linked in some manner. The current incarnation of Shynik’s life he is guarded closely by a childhood friend from the village he was raised in, another elf named Selrahc.

Shynik tends to behave a bit eccentrically, his eyes see events from the perspective of a historian more than someone who is actually experiencing things first hand. He can be a bit cold at times, but it is more because of his detached view of the world and not an actual lack of care. There are times when Shynik says things without entirely considering the repercussions of his words, because they are simply facts.

Shynik in Battle

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