I was standing there like a goon. What the hell could possibly be wrong with me? Yeah, I was cold, I was shaking as though blocks of frozen water had been dropped into the front side of my lower body garmenting, and were in the process of freezing my manhood, as well as creeping backward slowly enough to start numbing the back of my waist. I was chilled indeed.

They say that a little rain and a little cold isn't too bad, but I'm not sure this was just a little of either, so I put up my umbrella and started walking. Walking in the rain under the safety of an umbrella seemed like a good idea at the time. I was there, warmish, and clutching the umbrella to direct it against the wind as it constantly shifted; it was a decent way to go about things. Or so I thought.

I made it two miles out there. Two miles from the restaurant back to my dorm. Of course, the inevitable was bound to happen then. The wind kicked up, and my umbrella flipped backwards. Following that, one of the wires tore the fabric, and I knew that it wouldn't ever be an umbrella again.

My struggle against the breaking thing had led me in and through a couple puddles, and, almost falling at one point, had half the side of my left leg covered in stagnant, dog poo ridden water. I reeked. But, after all that, I resolved to have myself a smoke, and standing outside the building, quaking, I did.

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